2 Replies to “Pope Francis, ‘suffering fuels terror’? Look at the Jews | Gheula Canarutto Nemni | The Blogs | The Times of Israel 04/12/15”

    1. Dear Evie, there is something in the world called bias. This is the filter through which you get most of the news from Israel. I am ready to discuss any point with people who do not think as me. This is my opportunity to know other pints of view and growing. But for me there is a conditio sine qua non I open a discussion. And it is to really know facts. Media are reporting us their pint of view not objective news, many times this news come from Arab fonts. There is a big issue going on now, and not only in Israel. And it is about how to deal with those who do not share your values. When you a solution pls let me know


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