Deb is an observant Orthodox Jewish girl who lives in Milan. She wears a wig, eats kosher food and respects Shabbat. Nevertheless, she won’t deprive herself of the right to complete her studies at university and embark on a career.


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Febbraio 16, 2021 in english section

A rabbi in love and Chanel n.5

A tribute to Rav Garelik, obm, rabbi and schliach of the Rebbe in Italy for 62 years. Winter, 1959. World War II had ended just fifteen years before. An Orthodox…
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Gennaio 28, 2021 in english section

The story of an Italian Jewish Prayer Book that got away from Auschwitz

Someone was knocking at the door. It was 3 AM. “Miss Rabello, open. It’s me, your neighbor.” A noise passed through Alba’s sleep; trouble, full of nightmares and breathless sleeping. …
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Gennaio 14, 2021 in english section

Our inner strength

Every day an old man walks by my house. He is always elegant: suit and tie, and shiny loafers. When my house is quiet, I can hear the sound of…
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Dicembre 22, 2020 in english section

Why my wig makes me stronger

It’s only a wig-a sheitel. But it contains the secret of eternity of the Jewish nation
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Febbraio 26, 2020 in english section

Why God sent the Coronavirus

Sometimes we receive signals from heaven, shocks that help humanity return to the right path. Periodically, we are the recipients of messages that force us to control the direction we…
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Dicembre 22, 2019 in english section

Dedicated to our anti-zionist friends

Don't be surprised when I tell you that in order to understand what anti-zionism really is, we have to travel back in time to 3500 years ago. Specifically, we go…
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Luglio 1, 2019 in english section

Our life is a museum of illusions…

I have been to the museum of illusions in Vienna with my children. As we entered we saw pictures that appeared totally different according to the side you were looking…
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Dicembre 13, 2018 in english section

Letter of a baby killed by the silence of the world

Bye Mum, Shalom Dad, I have seen you only for a few instants but my time has arrived. I love you so much, I cannot believe I will never see…
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Ottobre 21, 2018 in english section

October 1943. When the Holocaust arrived to the Ghetto of Rome

October 16th 1943 It was shabbat and the third day of sukkot. The adults woke up in the middle of night at the noise of shotguns and shouts. The children…
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Ottobre 9, 2018 in english section

Why Condé Nast and Vogue do not respect Jews

An open letter to Robert A. Sauerberg, president and CEO of Condé Nast. On October 4, 2018, Vogue Arabia published a letter by Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian teenager who is becoming…
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Settembre 30, 2018 in english section

Excuse me, but I am Jew

Excuse me, but I am a Jew. This is why a few seconds ago you could see me concentrating and praying with the deepest intentions. And now I am dancing…
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Settembre 26, 2018 in english section

We are dwarfs on the shoulders of giants…

I’ve repeated many times in my life Who am I to do this? This message  is definitely not for me… I’ve repeated these sentences many times in my life. Until…
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Agosto 9, 2018 in english section

Have you ever been empowered? Lessons from Jli, the Jewish National Retreat

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Luglio 9, 2018 in english section

A call for the survival of the Jewish nation

Dear friends of the Left Wing, Dear friends of the Right Wing, What you are going to read is a call for survival. Survival of a nation that was able…
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Gennaio 27, 2018 in english section

Please do not celebrate the Holocaust Remembrance Day

We cannot define ourselves as the people of remeberance. We are not a nation that stops and cries  in front of historical artifacts kept in a display case. We are…
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Maggio 11, 2017 in english section

Open letter to President Obama on climate change and it consequence on terrorism

Dear President Obama, A few days ago your words filled the air of Milano, the town where I live. You gave an interesting perspective about technology; about the impact it…
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Marzo 24, 2017 in english section

Why the world is so afraid to use the word ‘terrorist’

Why the world is so afraid to use the word ‘terrorist’ By Gheula Canarutto Nemni Dear world, did you really think pedestrians would be over run by cars only in…
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Maggio 11, 2016 in english section

Yom Hazikaron. And that buzz that touches your soul

This is our nation. A nation of people who stop their crazy run, their fast cars, their surfing the net, their thoughts, in the middle of the highway, in the…
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Marzo 21, 2016 in english section

Where was G-d during Purim (and the Holocaust)?

THE TIMES OF ISRAEL | Where was G-d during Purim (and the Holocaust)? GHEULA CANARUTTO NEMNI There has been no generation without its Haman. Without an individual eager to…
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Dicembre 11, 2015 in english section

Open letter to Mark Zuckerberg about his standing for Muslims

Dear Mark Zuckerberg, I just read your status in which you welcome Muslims in Facebook Community. ‘As a Jew, my parents taught me that we must stand up against attacks…
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Dicembre 8, 2015 in english section, festivals, jewish identity

When I sit in darkness G-d will be my light

Why do we light these candles every year? you ask me, my son. Why do we go on repeating this ritual every year and every day of this festival we…
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Novembre 26, 2015 in english section

Dear Pope Francis, desperation has never been a justification for Jews

We have been brought through Rome’s streets in chains while our Sanctuary in Jerusalem was burning in flames. We have been thrown in amphitheaters where hungry lions and spectators were…
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Ottobre 3, 2015 in antisemitismo, english section

An open letter to the Jewish nation (and its writers)

Haaretz It’s 1 a.m. Men are gathering in synagogues for Hoshana Rabah night. This is the last call for asking G-d for a good year. During the next twenty five…
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Luglio 23, 2014 in english section

What Haaretz pages become abroad

To the attention of Haaretz, the following rows you are hopefully going to read, are written in a place where Hebrew is not the official language, where IDF is not…
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Maggio 5, 2014 in english section, Israel

Zionism and ultra orthodoxy

Yom Haazmaut and observance do not run on parallel binaries. Yom Haazmaut and orthodoxy (just to satisfy those who love branding people and separating them into groups) can, surprising those…
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Novembre 15, 2013 in ebraismo, english section, israele

May your soul, Eden Attias, rest in peace

Good bye little boy whose life was robbed in a middle of a dream. With that sweet snack in the pocket that mum has given you when you were already…
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